How do I get paid support?

This is probably going to sound harsh but I’m pretty annoyed at this point. I want to use your product. I would like to give you money. But I can not even get off the ground because having followed the agent installation instructions to the best of my abilities I can’t get things working on my own.

I created my first topic 11 days ago and haven’t heard a peep [Node] Nrdiag reporting incompatibility Node framework. Routes not showing up

I tried to find a way to open a private support ticket but I keep getting redirected to the community forum. So I thought, fine, I’ll preemptively add a credit card so I can maybe get some actual help. Nope, still getting redirected here.

Reading around it seems private support tickets are intentionally discouraged. Okay, I can understand the logic there. But what am I supposed to do now? 11 days and no response? Even if I managed to get it working on my own this does not seem to bode well for the kind of support I would receive in the future.

I’m definitely speaking out of frustration and I recognize that. But I don’t think this is the kind of first experience you want your prospective customers to have.

@adenton You’re right this is NOT the experience we want you to have or any other customer. Our support team does their best to be responsive and helpful but at times the demand is quite high. I will make sure to bring your topic back to their attention.

I appreciate that. Thank you for time. @lindseybaker reached out to me and I will work with her. I’ll plug my other question here while I can [.Net] Nrdiag reporting dotnet agent not installed

Thanks again

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Glad to see you got answered @adenton. I have made sure one of our support engineers will take a look at your follow up post soon!