How do i install infrastructure agent at windows server 2003?

I need install infrastructure agent at Windows Server 2003, but only the agent infrastructure NewRelic can from windows Server 2008.

Hi @lopezri,

You’re correct that Windows Server 2008 is the oldest version of Windows Server that is supported, as noted here:

You’re welcome to give it a try on Windows Server 2003, but we will be unable to provide support for agents running in that environment.



I would really like to install the agents on a legacy Windows Server 2008 server, is that still possible as it isn’t mentioned on the document referenced in your last reply?

I know it’s ancient and unsupported but the use case demands it to exist until the client leaves us. Needless to say, it’s being naughty.


Hi @sjcsystems,

Windows 2008 is no longer supported as New Relic does not support operating systems beyond end-of-life. You may attempt to install it on Windows 2008, but any issues will be unsupported by New Relic as it is out of scope.

Requirements for the Infrastructure Agent - Operating Systems

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We are going to install it and see what happens. I propose to you that you are missing a trick here by removing support for legacy operating systems. There are an awful lot out there and not enabling them to participate in a whole network solution is short-sighted.

Thanks @sjcsystems, keep us posted and let us know how it goes! And thank you for the feedback! I’ll make sure to pass it on to our Product team!

Hello nmcnamara! I have the same problem, I need to install in a legacy Windows 2003 environment.

Hi @gbastos, as mentioned by my colleague, Windows 2003 is no longer supported by New Relic. We will be unable to offer assistance based on this but hopefully someone on the community will have thought of some workaround.