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How Do I Monitor Multiple Web Applications on a Single IIS Host?



You can specify multiple applications on one server. Just edit Web.Config for each application, add an application setting named:


and set its value to the name of the application as you’d like to see it in the New Relic UI. As well, when defining the name of the application if you use a comma separated list, e.g
“Front-End Users Application, Aggregate Server”, it will report into multiple applications in our UI. One caveat though is that End User data will only show up in the first application listed. In the example above it would be “Front-End Users Application.”

<add key="NewRelic.AppName" value="MyCustomName"/>
<add key="NewRelic.agentEnabled" value="true" />

Multiple Web Applications on a Single IIS Host
Unable to find New Relic Home directory in registry or environment

If we added the keys to two applications within their config files, how do we specify which app should be “first”. Could you provide an example with 2 names to get the idea down?


Hi @Tech_RSW,

In application configuration files the format of naming multiple apps will look like this:

    <add key="NewRelic.AppName" value="MyFirstApp, MySecondApp"/>

Where “MyFirstApp” is the first app being declared with end-user data and the additional app names being the aggregate. Hope this helps but if not, check out the following documentation regarding naming multiple apps using the .NET agent for more information here:

If you still have any questions after checking out the doc, just give us another shout over here in the forums and we can assist you further.


Is there a way to not touch web.config of each app instead it should automatically show details for each app on it own? by using the site name


@GM_Tech_Leads - There currently is no way to have the application automatically named after the site name although I think that is an interesting option. I can make a feature request for this if you would like.

There is a way to have the application named after the application pool. To do this remove all <name> elements from the <application> element in newrelic.config like this:


And of course you’ll want to remove web.config entries that name the application.

Newer versions of the agent also allow you to name your application programmatically using the StartAgent() and SetApplicationName() .NET agent API calls. If that would be useful then see this page for more details.


Okay for now its good, however if we can add that as a future request great


You got it, @GM_Tech_Leads! Adding a feature request for you now! :blush:


Any update on this? is this already implemented? We (Pearson) are looking for this.


Hi @omila.ihalage

The ability to automatically name after the site name hasn’t been added to the agent yet, but there are three ways to name your applications without using either the web.config or the newrelic.config.

  1. Name via an API call from your application code.
  2. Name via an environment variable (agent version 6.17 or higher)
  3. Name automatically after the application pool ID (by removing all other naming entries).

You can see more details on these in this post.

Hope this helps!


I have added the application setting in each applications web.config file and I’m still seeing My Application on the APM UI


Hi @mayraj.khan,

Have you issued a command-line iisreset since adding those settings to the web config?