How do I move servers to a new account?

I have accepted another job and I need to move all my company’s servers to a new account (they are currently on my personal account). Can anyone provide me with the steps for accomplishing this?

Hi @jrb9249

This can be done by using the New Relic License key of the new Account in the configuration files of the New Relic Agents. Could you tell me what agents you’re using? Are you monitoring the servers themselves or the applications on the servers?

Also, It’s worth noting that all historical data will remain on your old account during the movement to the new Account.

Let me know what agents you have and we can go from there!


Hi @MPreston

Is there any way to move historical data from one account to another (just specified applications - application name will not change)? Can I order such move of data by asking NewRelic Customer Support ?


Hi Greg,

All historical data is tied to your Account Number and License key so it’s not possible to migrate it to another account i’m afraid. Is there something you were looking to migrate in particular?

I have >then 50 NR agents that I am monitoring for Infrastructure services and I want to move them to different NR account, is there a fast & simple way to do that ? rather than going to each individual agent and update license key for the same.

Hi @Raghav.Jain

The only way to move accounts right now is to update the license keys in your hosts config files.