How do we debug while developing custom visualization?

While developing a custom visualization locally, I see that occasionally error messages appear in the browser console, but since the production version of React is being used, the error messages are not useful.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Is there a way to use the development version of React when developing custom visualizations locally?

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Hi @dustin.pauze :wave:

Unfortunately we are not able to allow the React app running inside the custom visualization to surface developer-mode errors.

You’re right that the React version is in production mode, so the error messages aren’t the most useful.

The only exception we’ve got in place is for prop types, which should report any warnings as expected from React when working locally on a custom visualization or nerdlet.

I’ll put a note in with our product manager to convey this as a limitation. I can totally see how you’d want to have the dev mode errors reporting as you build out a custom viz! Really appreciate your posting and the feedback :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: