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How do you want your badges?


Hey Community Friends!

You all do some great work in this community, and we want to recognize it all! From your great questions to the posts that you mark as answered so that others can get to the point that much faster, you do amazing work to support each other in your use of New Relic.

We want to do more to celebrate and recognize that, so we want to hear from you - what do you want to celebrate? What are the actions that are helpful? And what’s the right way to recognize that? Super badges? Special promo packs?

Please share any of your thoughts!


What? no ideas yet? I’m thinking that @stefan_garnham, @jimm, @jbiggley, @Richard.Quadling should have SOMETHING to say…


We’ll now that I’ve been asked for my opinion :wink: (That’s a dangerous thing!)

Badges are awesomesauce and should be for things like number of likes, number of posts, number of helpful replies, etc. but they could also be for things like ‘first linked post’ or ‘first share on LinkedIn/Twitter/etc’

The challenge is rewarding real content and not just random posts. I like the idea of task based badges especially since there are so many different products. Maybe a ‘level’ system for each of the products – APM, Infrastructure, Synthetics, etc. where you progress from basic (‘padawan’ - can you do the Star Wars thing??) to Jedi Master (let’s keep the theme going).

I know some other communities reward participation in marketing driven events with points. I feel like those should be kept different from the rankings for knowledge and contributing to the CoP of New Relic.

Maybe you can just steal the Stack Overflow model? :wink:


All great ideas,@jbiggley !!!

…and I will check with Disney Inc. now. :thumbsup:


Totally agree @jbiggley - you want to reward “real” participation, not just folks who game the system. Apparently you like the StackOverflow model - do you have others you would suggest?


That’s the one the seems to be the most genuine IMO. I’m an active participant in the SolarWinds Thwack community and it is a great community but the mixing of the marketing and community participation points does make it a little harder to quickly discern who participates and who just does a bunch of marketing exercises.

That said any model that increases user participation is a powerful support for the monitoring community. Getting people to participate is the most important goal. Everything else can be tweaked from there!



Participation is reward enough. I’m already the most revered in my office when I wear my New Relic t-shirt, and my little New Relic Lego man is high upon his little Lego block pedestal.


I have enough button badges and t-shirts. I saw Manesh Tailor in a swanky Gillet today and I’ve also seen Mitch Read in a nice hoodie :wink:

I was thinking of taking all my New Relic t-shirts to FutureStack London and doing a quick change to a different t-shirt in between sessions.


@philweber for the win, as usual!