How does anomaly detection for error rate in New Relic work?

My organization i.e. HTC Global Services, Inc. is currently exploring how AIOPS software work and which might be the most suitable AIOPS platform for us. Therefore, I am currently exploring the Newrelic one platform and I have added the data to the python agent. I was able to successfully add the data and Newrelic is monitoring my python application. I just wanted to know about the signals that Newrelic monitors for anomalies i.e. web throughput, error rate, non-web throughput, web response time, non-web response time. So how does Newrelic detect the anomalies for error rate. I have done some changes in my python application code, so that a type error is triggered. It would be very much helpful, if someone could explain in details about the anomaly detection. Many thanks in advance!!

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Great question I believe you can really benefit from revising our Docs on Applied intelligence to gain a better understanding of anomaly detection.

  1. Introduction to alerts and applied intelligence | New Relic Documentation
  2. Expanded anomaly detection | New Relic Documentation
  3. Introduction to applied intelligence | New Relic Documentation

Should you require further support or indeed have more questions please do reach out!

Already gone through the documents. Unfortunately, I could not find anything useful.

@Mangesh.Shinde Sorry to hear that your question(s) remain unanswered even after reviewing the docs that were provided. At this time those docs represent the extent our support team can assist around this subject. I have reached out to the team at New Relic University to see if they have any current or upcoming webinars that could help you. That learning environment could offer the best opportunity for diving into your questions deeper. I will update this thread with their possible suggestions once I hear back from them. Thanks for your patience!

@Mangesh.Shinde I heard back for New Relic University and they currently do not have a webinar scheduled to dive into AI deeper. They did however suggest reviewing this blog post:

Hope that is helpful. Our team is here to help if you have other support questions :slight_smile: