How does Proactive Detection determine anormal behaviour?


we activated proacte anomly detection for some APM monitored applications, which have issues and create many incidents for degraded response time, high error rate, et al. APM regularly marks these applications as degraded. However, we do not get an anomaly incident for these applications.

I would like to understand, how the AI logic classifies behaviour as anomal? Does it classify incidents as normal if they happen frequently?

Here is the link to the anomaly configuration:[0]=eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJwcm9hY3RpdmUtZGV0ZWN0aW9uLXVpLmNvbmZpZ3VyYXRpb24tZm9ybS1uZXJkbGV0IiwiY29uZmlndXJhdGlvbklkIjoiNDQ0OWU2NmEtOTE4Yi00YTZmLTg4YzMtNzMyY2M4M2FiYTRmIiwiZGVzdGluYXRpb25UeXBlIjoiV2ViaG9vayJ9&sidebars[0]=eyJuZXJkbGV0SWQiOiJucmFpLm5hdmlnYXRpb24tYmFyIiwibmF2IjoiQ29uZmlndXJhdGlvbiJ9&platform[timeRange][duration]=86400000&platform[$isFallbackTimeRange]=true&platform[accountId]=1510441

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Hey there @wkiNewRelic -

A) GREAT to see you again.

B) Sorry for the very slow response. I went down a rabbit hole trying to figure out the best way to get information over to you since you pose a great question that is also a bit beyond the scope of support. I ended up talking to the Applied Intelligence Product Manager and your account team, and the team is going to reach out to you personally to follow up. So hang tight.