How enable Full Stack Observability?

I made a request for a Full Stack Observability 5 days ago and no one answered me. I have to active this and this couldn’t be more fast, why?

I will give a timeline to this week if this didn’t happen, my company will change to Instana, since that our last hope to change to Instana is to make a massive use of new relic for check if worth it.

But, by what I am seeing, more than 5 five days to answer a request that I WILL PAY and nothing… This is disgusting.

Have someone this problem too?


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Hi there @devops_newrelic8 - I would love to help you sort out your issues here.

I am having some trouble getting started. I see that you have access to all FSO features (like Logs) on the account associated with the email address you are using here. Are you looking for FSO access on another account? Or is there a specific feature you are looking for?

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Thanks Hross! Due the full access, I am allowed to see some FSO features. However, I want a grained analysis and activate the SSO feature to my account.


Thanks for that clarification @devops_newrelic8 - I’m also going to DM you for some more information, but in the meantime…

We do have a form on the site to request to speak with someone about upgrading to our Pro subscription level:

If you have not done so, I would start there.