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How 'NOT' to measure latency



I’m not sure where to put this but I want to be sure I share… If you are measuring latency of any kind as it pertains to test results, you will really want to pay attention to the content of this video…

Gil also has a very good blog explaining all of his thoughts…


Hey @reopelle.scott- thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to check out that video when I get some free time…

For now I have moved your post into our conversational space, where others can jump in to chat about how they might measure latency too :smiley:


Thanks Ryan, I have learned that a class I completely sucked at (statistics) would probably be way more interesting now! These are critical thoughts that must be evaluated when we present numbers.


I kind of liked statistics way back when I was studying in university… but I can definitely relate to having some subjects I wish I had been better at back then - based on how useful they’d be to me now.