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How should I extract Shadow DOM using synthetic


I am creating a script where I have to access email & password field which is getting rendered using shadowdom


@Harshil.Maradiya -

I’m not very familiar with ShadowDom - can you still find a locator for those elements in the browser console?

I typically right click elements, click inspect, and from there I copy the xpath to use in Synthetics. I assume that ShadowDom would still allow for element locators?


Hey, thanks for the response. I first tried that but did not work.

ShadowDom is nothing but the webcomponent present on the page but I think they are not part of the DOM.


@Harshil.Maradiya - Understood!!

So it looks like this may not be possible natively with webdriver, but could be done with executeScript, as detailed in a few links my colleague shared here:

Let me know if that helps