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How to add NewRelic Browser to NewRelic APM project?


Good afternoon dear
I have a slightly non-standard task, previously I already connected the SPA application to NewRelic Browser and everything worked great!

Now I have a new project for which NewRelic APM for PHP is already connected
PHP generates an index.html page, so it’s not really a SPA, although it is written in Vue.js

Sourcemap submission is configured, we use release names, not a hash identifier in the file name

Now I can’t add our application to NewRelic Browser, everything stops at step number 3 with the following message:
Give us a few minutes to gather the data

I beg you to help me with the addition, as well as provide Trial Pro + SPA


Hi @hgadjikerimov,

Thanks for getting in touch with New Relic!

Sounds like you are having some trouble installing your Browser agent through the PHP APM injection. Is that correct? And when you refer to step 3, you are referring to the APM injection method of installing the agent? Am I understanding your configuration correctly?

Also, could you provide a link to the Browser app, as well as a public-facing page that you are intending to instrument?

I look forward to hearing back from you!