How to add release tags in Throughput graph dashboard

I wanted to monitor my application Throughput, apdex or error count for the new release, I am passing my application version in tags but I am not able to use it in graphs, it is possible i can see the app version in throughput via some bullet point in a line graph so i can compare app metrics before and after release

Hi @rajnish.tyagi - Have you thought about using deployment markers which will automatically give you the differences between deployments?



Thanks for reaching out!

Its great to see @stefan_garnham beat me to the punch here ( many thanks ).

Please do let us know if this guidance was helpful or if you have any additional questions you may have!

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Thank you guys, this is what I was looking for @dcody @stefan_garnham

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Hi @rajnish.tyagi

Thats great to hear, hope you have good day!