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How to add static value in a table for NRQL query involving facet



Requirement : Synthetic monitoring script was developed and scheduled to run across 5 different locations. We would like to see the load times of any page in a table and provide a comparison against the expected load time for that location. For example, lets say a website is accessed from 5 different locations, the expected load time from location1 could be 5 seconds, while from location2 could be 7 seconds, location3 could be 2 seconds, location4 could be 4 seconds, location5 could be 10 seconds.

How can we achieve this in NRQL (refer to the attachment )Capture ?

Please refer to dashboard which is currently worked upon


Hi, @VithalKumar.Akunuri1: In your script, you can create an array containing the expected load time for each location:

const expectedLoadTimes = {
  'location1': 5,
  'location2': 7,
  'location3': 2,
  'location4': 4,
  'location5': 10

Then use $env.LOCATION to get the location of the currently-running monitor, and add the expected load time as a custom attribute:

var currentLocation = $env.LOCATION;
$util.insights.set('expectedLoadTime', expectedLoadTimes[currentLocation]);


Thanks @philweber , it really helped.