How to apply AWS Activate credits?

We are part of the AWS Activate program that has a $125k credit offer for New Relic. How do we apply this offer to an existing account?


Hi @steven51 :wave: I have create a ticket with our Account Specialist to look into this for you! Watch out for an email from them soon!

@adevlin Hi :slight_smile: We created an account (3249394) in the EU by mistake (is has less features compared to US), but now we can’t apply the promo code from AWS Activate anymore. Would it also be possible to apply the credit to the account 698033? We currently don’t have an account manager.

Hi @ruud4! I have reached out to our account team to assist with this. They will follow up shortly by email to assist.

Hi @adevlin /@nmcnamara ,
I just created a new account 3253297 to redeem the AWS activate promo. However the new account does not seem to have any credits applied and seems to be a basic/free account I’ve received. Is this something you could assist and also merge this account with my old account 3198464?
Thanks, Joseph

Hi @josephj1 :wave: I will reach out to our Accounts team who will be able to assist with this. They will be in touch via email to help.

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Hi there, I have created a new New Relic Account and am part of AWS Activate but don’t seem to have credits applied. Account # 3232317

Hi @it.admin5! I have done that same for you and our team will reach out shortly!

Hi @adevlin, no one actually reached out about this. Could you follow up on the ticket? Thank you.

Hi @steven51 one of our team reached out to you via email (might have gone into you junk box). The forward the following information on regarding the AWS Activate program and New Relic.

Please reference this article on how to get started:

How to get started:
If you’re an existing AWS Activate member, sign up for New Relic in the console.
If you’re interested in joining AWS Activate, learn more at AWS Activate.

I have let them know that you have not see their email also!

Hi @adevlin, thank you. However, that doesn’t answer my question. I already have a New Relic account I would like to apply AWS Activate credits to. The information you provided only refers to signing up for a new New Relic account, not applying it to an existing account.


Hey @steven51 I will let our accounts team know further on this and they should be in touch with more information!

Hey @adevlin, we’re also part of AWS Activate and I tried signing up through the AWS Console yesterday. My account was created but it looks like no credits were applied. It would be highly appreciated if someone could get in touch with me as it’s not possible to contact support without upgrading the account first. Thanks!

Hi @iopanic I have created a ticket on your behalf with our Accounts team. Someone will be in touch to assist you here!

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We’re also part of AWS Activate. I don’t know how to activate the credit.
Thank you

Hello @eliott welcome to the community!
I have created a case for you, you will receive an email from our accounts team soon.

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We’ve the same queries as above. We are part of AWS Activate as well and are unsure on how to go about applying the credits.

Can you help please?


Hi @eliott :wave: & welcome to our Explorers Hub! I have created a case for you to assist with this! One of our support agents will reach out to you directly via email! Thank you!

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Every time I see a reply to this thread, it reminds me that no one ever actually reached out to me about this topic.

Hello there @steven51

I am sorry no one has gotten in touch with you as of yet. I will be happy to get in touch with the support team to offer assistance with your inquiry!