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How to: Ask a Question and Get it Answered



Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

If you’ve been here before and just want to get started, select the product category that relates to your question and click on the 48%20PM button up above on the right to ask your question. If you are new here and want to know more about what to expect in the Explorers Hub community, including tips for how to get the answer you need more quickly, read on!

We’re glad to see you here in the community. You are now part of a group of tens of thousands of New Relic users and staff who come here to learn and share. We want you to find the answer you need as quickly as possible, so here are a few tips that can help you:

Search first

  • Before you post that next question, be sure to search first. It’s likely that someone like you has run into the same issue before, and the answer you need is just waiting to be unearthed.
  • Click on the 33%20PM icon in the upper right-hand corner of the site to search.
  • Click on the “options” link in the search bar to access advanced search features that may help you narrow down results.
  • You can also search our extensive documentation site (this link takes you away from the Explorers Hub, but you are always welcome back!)

Bonus points: if you find the answer to your question, be sure to “like” the post - this will give both you AND the author points in the community. Plus it just makes people feel good. All you have to do is click the :heart: icon under the post.

Use the template

  • If a quick search doesn’t get you what you are looking for, click on the 48%20PM button from the category you are interested in to start asking your question.
  • Right underneath the place where you will put the title of the topic is the category drop down. This is where you can select the part of New Relic (.NET agent or Insights, for example) that relates to your topic. If you click the +Topic button from within a category, this field is already set for you.
  • When the category is selected, a template will appear in the editing window. This template is specific to the product and provides prompts for information that helps our community understand your issue and begin troubleshooting more quickly. Provide as much of this information as you can!

Ask for help

  • If you run into any trouble, or just have a simple question, please let us know. Your team of community moderators - @Linds, @ebeach, @RyanVeitch and @hross - are always here for you.
  • Send us a direct message by clicking on the envelope icon under your profile: 26%20PM

More Helpful Links

Check out these links for even more details about how the community works and how you can make the most of it: