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We’re glad to see you here in the community. You are now part of a group of tens of thousands of New Relic users and staff who come here to learn and share. We want you to find the answer you need as quickly as possible, so here are a few tips that can help you:

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  • Before you post that next question, be sure to search first. It’s likely that someone like you has run into the same issue before, and the answer you need is just waiting to be unearthed.
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  • I suggest using “Find an Answer”, this option will allow you to also access advanced search features such as Categories and Tags.

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Use the template

  • If a quick search doesn’t get you what you are looking for, click on the button located on the homepage above the categories section.

  • Once selected it will open the create new topic section. In which you must give a title and a category. The benefit here is, if you select the category first a template will appear with information fields for you to fill out. It’s recommended that you fill these out, as the information will be incredibly useful for support and they may require it before being able to effectively support an issue.

  • Please note that each category has its own unique template that will appear in the editing window once the category is selected.

Ask for help

Send a direct message

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This is ridiculous.
We have a paid plan, I try to open a Support ticket and instead I get redirected to a COMMUNITY FORUM??


Hey @matteosisti — I can feel your frustration. We want you to have a great experience here, just like in a private support case.

This community is an official New Relic support platform. We work really hard to make sure that support cases, like your potential case, gets answered by our team of experts. You also have the power of our entire customer community behind your future issue(s).

I hope this helps clarify what to expect here in this community. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help direct your support question to a specific team.


This really isn’t acceptable. Taking away email support from paying customers in the B2B SaaS space is unprecedented as far as I know. We’re supposed to disclose our support requests in a semi-public forum? Yikes…


For the sake of sharing knowledge, transparency, and posterity: yes! We think the community is a great option for working through any issues you face with New Relic, @taylor5.

Of course, if the need for sharing private information arises, we will quickly take things into a private ticket with you.

I really do understand how bad it can feel when it seems something has been taken away from you. If I can do anything to help make this experience better, please let me know.

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@Linds I would appreciate having email support added back to our account (as we had it before) with no change to my subscription cost.

I won’t be able to do that for you, @taylor5, but I do want to connect you to the person on our side who represents your New Relic account. I am going to DM you for some information in order to move forward. Thanks for your patience and for your candor.

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Have been facing same issue here.Hopefully will get an accurate solution soon.

@alexandraLambert598 - could you elaborate on the issue you’re facing? Could you post your question here in the Explorers Hub for our Support team’s review?

Yeah, time to find a different provider… Looks like NR has become a cash cow project and is slowly getting worse and worse, both in service, functionality and quality. Having to discover we no longer have support on here is kinda the last straws for me. You could at least have let us know…


@arthur20 -

Firstly I’m sorry - it absolutely was not our intention for you and others to find out here. We did send emails to a large number of users, as well as that we did have messaging in the New Relic UI. I don’t know if you were missed from the email list, but please know that we were not intending to leave people without knowledge of this.

Secondly - I want to assure you that no matter where the location of support is, everyone using New Relic, paying or not, is entitled to a level of technical support.
Moving support over to the Explorers Hub has multiple benefits, but chief among them is that answers become public.
New Relic is a large and at times complex platform - our Docs are comprehensive but don’t fit every edge case. There are always going to be times when users will need technical support. We know that being able to run a quick google search and find answers is the ideal scenario - and so getting answers into the public domain is our goal here.

We are not downsizing the support resources - in fact every post in the Explorers Hub is read and reviewed by my team (me, @hross, @ebeach, @linds) - Any post requiring help from technical resources is sent over to the right members of our Global Technical Support team.

There are occasional cases where information should be kept private - or, users request that their support case be kept private. If that is the case we are always happy to open up a private ticket for users.

I understand it can be a frustrating change - absolutely it can be - but I hope this clarifies our reasoning, and I hope that you’ll give the Explorers Hub a chance. We’re always happy to help here.


Very disappointed with this change.

I much prefer proper support. Community based support has a place but it is slow and non-targeted.

Also - I don’t always want people to see my questions!!

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@greg_pakes - those are understandable concerns.

On your point that Community Based Support is slow - I will say that we have the same SLA response time for our Support Community that we had for our Silver Tier customers in Support tickets.

In cases where you prefer to keep questions private - I’d ask that you post a general question here - with a little information (such that we can route you to the right people) - and make note that because you may need to share private information you’d like a support ticket.

My team and I constantly monitor this community - so we can get a ticket created for you as needed.

With all of that said - From what I can see, your account is in the Gold Tier - so you should have the ability to create tickets.

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Same here, this is really bad, were is the support??

Hi @marcellovani - As noted by my previous replies in this thread - the New Relic Support team monitor this community daily. All of your support questions can still get seen and answered by the right people.

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We want you to have a great experience here, just like in a private support case.

That is obviously not true. If you wanted that, we would be able to open support tickets.

Most of the time, in order to ask for support, I will need to give specific private details about our application, that I obviously can’t share with the community. If I wanted to ask a question that anynody from the community can answer, I would have gone to the community forum in the first place.

So how do you expect the worflow to be??

  • I post a support question, taking care to obfuscate any private details so that other users in the community don’t see them, using permalinks that only you from support can access
  • people from the community just see a question that they cannot answer and probably even understand because most of the relevant details are omitted or not accessible to them
  • then you people from support finally move it to a support ticket to give me an answer that only you can give
  • and probably I will have to add the details that I had to omit when posting the question in the first place,

This wastes our, your, and other community members’ time.
This is simply ridiculous. When the community forum is flooded with support questions that can only be answered by your staff, community members will lose any interest in participating in the community, because most of the questions they will be seeing will be questions that they don’t have enough information to answer.

A community forum is for asking questions to the community, customer support is for customer support. This is a lame and pathetic attempt on your side to reduce your work load.
I understand that you probably were receiving many support tickets with questions that could have been answered by the community, but this is not the correct way to deal with that problem.

This is simply stupid.


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And now when I do post a question to this forum (when what I should be able to do is to open a support ticket instead), and I do get a reply by the NR Staff (or anybody else), I don’t even receive an email notification. I guess I can change some setting in my profile so I get subscribed with email notification to any new thread I create, and I almost surely can manually do it on the thread I just created, but come on, isn’t it obvious that that should be the default??