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How to: Ask a Question and Get it Answered



Hi @marcellovani - As noted by my previous replies in this thread - the New Relic Support team monitor this community daily. All of your support questions can still get seen and answered by the right people.

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We want you to have a great experience here, just like in a private support case.

That is obviously not true. If you wanted that, we would be able to open support tickets.

Most of the time, in order to ask for support, I will need to give specific private details about our application, that I obviously can’t share with the community. If I wanted to ask a question that anynody from the community can answer, I would have gone to the community forum in the first place.

So how do you expect the worflow to be??

  • I post a support question, taking care to obfuscate any private details so that other users in the community don’t see them, using permalinks that only you from support can access
  • people from the community just see a question that they cannot answer and probably even understand because most of the relevant details are omitted or not accessible to them
  • then you people from support finally move it to a support ticket to give me an answer that only you can give
  • and probably I will have to add the details that I had to omit when posting the question in the first place,

This wastes our, your, and other community members’ time.
This is simply ridiculous. When the community forum is flooded with support questions that can only be answered by your staff, community members will lose any interest in participating in the community, because most of the questions they will be seeing will be questions that they don’t have enough information to answer.

A community forum is for asking questions to the community, customer support is for customer support. This is a lame and pathetic attempt on your side to reduce your work load.
I understand that you probably were receiving many support tickets with questions that could have been answered by the community, but this is not the correct way to deal with that problem.

This is simply stupid.

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And now when I do post a question to this forum (when what I should be able to do is to open a support ticket instead), and I do get a reply by the NR Staff (or anybody else), I don’t even receive an email notification. I guess I can change some setting in my profile so I get subscribed with email notification to any new thread I create, and I almost surely can manually do it on the thread I just created, but come on, isn’t it obvious that that should be the default??


Hey @matteosisti—I have been considering your post in this thread for the last couple days. As always, your candor is greatly appreciated because it helps me have a clear message to take to the people in charge of these changes. We all knew that this would be a difficult shift for our users, and I can feel your frustration. As you well know, it is extremely hard to make everyone happy, all the time.

As for your support needs, I want to make sure you know there is no time difference between when you get your community response vs. when you get a response in a ticket. The experience is different in many ways, but the timing is the same.

It looks to me like you are getting those email notifications now, but please let me know if you need anything else.

Again, thanks for reaching out about your thoughts and concerns for these Support changes. I will do my best to answer any further questions you have.

Talk soon!


I downloaded the Infrastructure agent and run the installer in the server, then I change the .yml file adding the licence, then when I try to start the service I get this error:

The New Relic Infrastructure Agent Service service could not be started

It is important to say that I am running it in a Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation 1809 version environment and the server

Thank you

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Having read through the above I agree this is ridiculous.
The cost of New Relic should come with at least some basic level of a support ticket system as any time I’ve needed NR support in the past it’s been with regards to something I would not want made public.
Poor from New Relic.


Hi @adam69 - Everyone does still have a “basic level of support ticket” access , as you put it.

Regardless of the amount your account pays, you still have access depending on the type of issue we will be troubleshooting with you. Those that most often require sensitive information will go straight through from to our ticketing system.

I would like to clarify why you prefer private/public support. Use cases and information you can provide can help us to fully understand how our changes impact users, and also helps us to iterate further in the future.

I do have a couple of points on sensitive data;
Any posts made in the Explorers Hub that have sensitive information (email addresses / API keys / etc…) are immediately redacted as soon as my team sees them. @Linds @ebeach @hross & I review and moderate this community daily. We typically see sensitive information very quickly after it is posted.

If ever we need to request this kind of sensitive information in order to troubleshoot, we will recommend that this info is passed over in a direct message with the person who asks for that information. Alternatively, if we need to get logs or potentially any sensitive information, all of our Support Team have the ability to open a new support ticket directly from your posts. So we will be happy to take questions to a private space should that become a necessity.

Any links to your New Relic accounts are only accessible by you, users on your accounts, and New Relic Admins. There is nothing discernible in an account URL, so those are fine to share here.

This is not to say that what we consider private information, you consider private too - this is why I would love some clarification on what you prefer to post here vs in a ticket.

What's this rubbish I want to raise a support ticket, I'm not paying a premium to air our issues in public

Cant agree more with the ‘community’ here. Were B2B, not interested in creating a ‘community’… just want support via email


I appreciate your input @timw1 - As has been noted here - there is no time difference in the response time from the Support team here or in private tickets.
And where necessary to hide private data, we will be always able to open tickets for you from your community posts.

We understand change like this can be frustrating - but please know that we expect your experience with New Relic support to be the same as before, only having changed location. And if you have trouble getting support in the community, you’ll always be welcome to @ mention me, or my team here, we’ll be able to try help out as best we can, or find the right internal resources to help you in your questions.


It’s embarrassing that NewRelic has no support for paying customers. This is reason alone to get off their service, which I will be doing as fast as possible now.

Our site just stopped reporting metrics out of the blue (though the site is still up and Librato is correctly). Excited for the ‘community’ to help out here!


Another customer here - APM data for all our apps is nowhere to be found since half an hour ago, system status shows everything is up. NR needs to inform customers what’s going on here and fix it.


Hey @bjones and @it126 -

I’m sorry to hear that you are not seeing data right now. We are currently experiencing a problem that may be impacting you too. I want to reassure you that we are working on this as our top priority.

We’ll let you know when our services are back to normal operation. In the meantime, please visit for updates. We are reflecting an issue there. It would be good to know if you are checking another source for status updates. We did introduce a new status page a few weeks ago and sent emails to everyone subscribed to the old version: Introducing New Relic's New Status Page.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help around the new status page.

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We are paying customers and I have posted the question here Insight -> DataExplorer -> Search Page Broken with React Error few days ago.

It has been 2 days and there is no response from any one, our app is suffering because of this issue in newrelic platform.

I agree with other posters, that just ability to take away Ticket creation for paying customers is not good business.

Please give this your utmost attention. cc @hross @RyanVeitch


@imran5 - I just replied to your post :slight_smile:


Hi @imran5 - I wanted to follow up once again just to clarify some information on New Relic support tiers.

The community is the default support channel for your tier, and here in the community there is a 2 business day SLA. Even if we were to open a ticket from your community case, the 2 business day SLA would still apply in that private ticket.

You can see information on our support tiers here

I’m happy to talk further with you on this topic, if you’d like to DM me.