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How to browse and upload photos from local folder




How can we browse and upload a photo from local folder.

example - I wanted to upload a pic to facebook from local folder. Please guide me.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, @csingapanga: To upload a file in Selenium Webdriver, locate the filename input element, and use the sendKeys() function to enter the file name.

The challenge will be getting the file you wish to upload into the local file system of the Synthetics minion. You will either have to create the file in your script, or download it from somewhere on the web.


Until script part, everything is okay! but I need a local file system to browse photos.

Does newrelic has any local directory to save 2 or 3 images and browse from that location.


No, I do not know of any way to add files to the local file system of a Synthetics minion.


The post below describes how to read a file from a remote location. Perhaps you can utilise this as part of your script @csingapanga