How to change our account from PAYG to Pro?

We have filled the following form to get help
However, no one responds to us. Is there any way we could convert our account to Pro version. We wanted to move to Pro because log retention is no active in our current account, and we read somewhere that supported in Pro version only.


Hi @devops177, Thanks for reaching out on our Community! I have opened a ticket on your behalf, someone from the Accounts Team will be in touch shortly to assist you with upgrading your account! Keep an eye out for an email soon.

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It’s been over 10 days. Still, no one contacted us! How do we really get help on this platform??? This is very annoying!

Hi @devops177, we are sorry to hear you are still waiting for the Accounts Team to reach out. Allow me to look into this for you.

@ghoran Yes, we still need to change our account type, and we need it urgently. Is this the normal way to get support on NewRelic? in 10 days and counting for a simple help, no solution???

Hello, can we get help here, please???
Last time no one can help us with our issue and we had to cancel our account.
We were hoping we can get help this time, but it looks like NR doesn’t care about customers, we had to do it again.

Hi @devops177 I want to assure you that we are working on this internally. This has been escalated on our end. We sincerely apologise for the delay here.

Hello, Any update please?

Hi @devops177, I see that we have reached out on the thread as of today, did you receive the email?