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How to configure multiple php applications with apache2



Im trying to follow this link

For 2 apps newrelic.appname=“App2;App1” is right.

If APP1 is in directory /webroot/app1
APP2 is in directory /webroot/app2

Where to specify this directories with newrelic configuration. ?

I mean how newrelic figures out what directory is associated with the app1?


The newrelic.appname is a PHP variable and can be set any way you set other per-directory PHP values. Assuming you are using Apache’s mod_php you can set this either in your Apache’s configuration in a vhost or in an .htaccess. We’ve documented this here:

But I’d recommend checking a phinfo() page to make sure your Server API is actually Apache2Handler and not something like PHP-FPM as the .htaccess settings will cause 500 errors if mod_php is not enabled. A phpinfo page is also useful to check if your newrelic.appname setting is being picked up.