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How to configure NRQL alert to check the past data



I wanted to check the NR APM license usage and trigger the alert if it exceeds threshold, i have tried with NRQL but “Since” keyword is not accepted so how can i do this without since .
I need to look back my license usage for past 1 day .



Hi @manojkumar_tenali

At this time SINCE keyword is not accepted for NRQL alert conditions, you could however set the alert to evaluate over a time-period of up to 120 minutes in the threshold section.

Please find more information setting NRQL alert conditions here:


Hi @manojkumar_tenali

@zahrasiddiqa is absolutely right!

If 120 minutes is too short of a time period for you, though, and you really need to have a SINCE 24 hours ago in the query you’re using for your alert, you can use the method detailed in this article to extend NRQL alert condition functionality.

I hope this helps!