How to configure weekly performance report

Hi there, I am new to New relic. We have 4 accounts for which we need to send Weekly report. As of now we are getting report for 3 of them. for 4th account I just selected account and saved as email preference. Even after doing this , I am not receiving any report for 4th Account. Could you please guide me how do I configure weekly report or did I missed any configuration steps

Hi there @shilpa.manware -

Let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on right now. There are two common reasons a report may not be sending.

The first is - do the apps in the account:

  • Have at least 25rpm throughput
  • Include Web Transactions (non-web apps will not be featured in this report)

If both of these criteria are met, then we need to check your email address and settings.

First, let’s make sure the user is actually set to receive the report. You can see that from the Account Settings page. Off on the right hand part of the screen, it will indicate if the user is set to receive the report:


If that’s set correctly, then we’ll need to make sure that the user is not on our suppression list etc. If that’s the case, DM me the user email to check and I will do so for you!