How to connect services in Service Map


We have a Web application accessing a backend API. The frontend APP is seen in service map with a “outgoing connection” to the public URL of the backend service. The backend service is also seen with the app name, but this two entities are no connected.

Is there any way to tag the backend app with the public URL so the Service Map recognize them as the same entity and connects them.

Here the ch-api service is providing the endpoints.

Hi @charly

Our bots create this map, so if your app is doing backend services then it will report it like this, what should the flow look like API → CH-WWW . is this how your methods are called?

If your application CH-WWW calls API as part of it then it will be considered an external service, an external service is classed as anything that is EXTERNAL to the application that is reporting to New Relic.

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