How to create a chart with two queries?

On New Relic dashboards, using the GUI I can add a second query to a chart.

I cannot find any documentation for the terraform provider that shows how to do this. It just shows a “widget” which has a "nrql = " value that can be set to one query, and creates a chart with that one query.

Hi @cos1, since this isn’t currently supported by the API, we can’t support it in the Terraform provider just yet. However, there is work being done to support this in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have an estimate of when this will happen? It seems like the API for dashboards is very weak and pretty much un-usable, which means newrelic effectively doesn’t support infrastructure-as-code for dashboards and charts currently. That seems like a very huge gap in the product and I hope it’s one of your top priorities and that you can give an estimate.

Hi @cos1, thank you for your feedback and I understand your frustration. We do not have an exact timeline for when there will be an update on this but I can assure you that once there is, we will let the community know.