How to create issue (incidents)

New relic integration is done with PagerDuty and Slack and Getting Testing alert notification from New Relic to PagerDuty and PagerDuty to slack . in New Relic in PagerDuty in Slack

Right now, I am creating an issue in my local env project and errors are showing on JavaScript error chart in New Relic and I also set Policies and Notification Channels but it did not create issue(incidents) of error because that I am not getting error alert notification in PagerDuty and Slack so can you please guide me where I messing process/step the how to create issue(incidents) in New Relic so we can get a notification in PagerDuty and Slack.

@development13 Are you able to get test notifications to these channels?

Yes, I am getting notifications on these channels.

@development13 And you said you are or not seeing any incidents for that condition? If you are seeing incidents in New Relic for that condition but have not got an alert then please send a permalink to the incident

If you are not seeing any incidents created but should please send a permalink to the condition.