How to disable SSO when not on a paid plan anymore?

Hi folks,

How do we go about getting SSO disabled on our accounts if we no longer have a paid plan? The extremely unhelpful help article just says to go to Account Settings->Security->Single Signon. Except you can’t GET there, if you don’t have a paid plan… It just redirects you to, where you have to fill in a form to have a sales droid contact you… We’re shutting down the SAML provider we used to use back in the day, so that means our access to NR is going to go away. Not that we really use NR these days, but we’re in the process of evaluating it as a host monitoring solution (amongst a bunch of other options) now that they don’t charge per host, so we would potentially want to start using it again… Tried to open a support ticket, but it seems NR don’t provide support anymore either…

Hi @damien.gardner,

I appreciate you bringing this to our attention! I have opened a ticket for you to get the SSO disablement sorted out. Someone will be in touch there.

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