How to disable Tracing


We are optimizing our New Relic One Data cost and I cannot find a way for switching off the Tracing data ingestion.
We do not use the Tracing module right now and would like to switch it off (or decrease the data load 99%)

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You should be able to follow the same steps that are used to ‘enable’ distributed tracing for older agents, just reverse the true to false in the configuration. Distributed Tracing is enabled automatically in the latest agent releases, so you need to add configuration to disable it.


Thanks @mcaron

Now we found the place where to disable it.

Just for feedback: it is not nice to switch on features by default that makes the service more expensive for your customers. When customers do not use the features then there is no value for the customer and it is just a more expensive service (compared to other service providers)


The decision to enable this automatically has added 2000GB to our monthly usage and there was little to no communication to warn us. Disabling it per agent will take us a long time as we have 89 agents. Feel like we have been taken advantage of.

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Apologies for the frustration you are feeling. I completely understand these things can cause frustration.

However I would highlight that there was several updates and mentions of these changes, for example, for the .net agent we mention in the release notes this change .NET agent release notes | New Relic Documentation. Noting the update was mentioned back in September, 2021

While I understand these things can get missed due to having a busy schedule, Its always advisable to read updates of the agents being used.

My goal here is to make sure you feel supported and not to have you feel taken advantage of.

I am happy to open a case on your behalf with the accounts / sales team about the 2000GB data usage. However the user profile associated to this post is using a gmail email address thats NR account is empty.

Should you wish for me to open a case for you please send me a direct private message confirming the account in questions details,

  1. Organisation name.
  2. Country.
  3. Company email.
  4. Account Id