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How to display bytes sent and received in Mb in Insights




I wrote this NRQL request

SELECT average(bytesReceived) FROM MobileRequest WHERE requestPath LIKE ‘%/endpoint.json’ SINCE 7 DAYS AGO FACET connectionType timeseries

I’m getting result, but dashboard display data in bytes format. How can I display it in Mb or Kb format? Will be great if there any way to display kb or mb based on bytesReceived value.



You could do some math in the query and use an AS to mark the measurement as Mb or Kb. At the moment we do not have many other options.


Hey @stursunov - were @6MM’s comments helpful? There’s no way to programatically decide based on the returned results whether or not a result is Mb or Kb. That said, performing math will allow you to always get the value into one of those metrics. For example 1000 bytes = 1kb, so you could run a query like SELECT (average(bytesReceived) / 1000) as 'Kb'...... - this would ensure your result is tagged as Kb.