How to distinguish the data on the APMS or NGINX overview from different host with one license key

Hi Guys,
My situation is we have more than one customers use our application, and then we just want only one account to monitor all of them. Current on the APM or NGINX overview page cannot know the data that display from which server, so I want to know if it can be set to distinguish the data on the overview

Hi, @tech5: You have a couple of options: If your language agent supports it, you may be able to select an individual host from a dropdown list above the Web transactions time chart on the Overview dashboard:

The other option is to assign each application multiple names in its configuration file. That way, you may view each customer’s application under its own name, while still viewing aggregate data for all of the applications. If you don’t need to see aggregate data, you may simply give each customer’s application a unique name.

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