How to do CU calculation for kubernetes workload

We’re using new relic for sometime and would like to upgrade it.

Our entire workload is on Kubernetes in GCP. However, we’re unable to calculate the required CUs needed for our usage.

I looked at Infrastructure usage under Usage page.
However, there’s no data for daily used Compute Units. I’ve attached a screenshot of the page below.
Please help us understand our CU usage, so that we can purchase the appropriate plan.

@b.sahu1 Thanks for reaching out! Could you reattach the screenshot again so we can get a full idea of whats going on? Unfortunately it was not included in your original post.

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@nmcnamara I’ve attached the screenshot now

Hi @b.sahu1, I can see that you sent in a support ticket for this issue. I have reached out internally to make sure this is followed up on.