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How to Exclude a Very Specific Error From Error Rate/Counts



Hi there,

We have a particular kind of error being caused on the server by a client bug in our own system. It’s not relevant to our consideration of application health. But it counts towards our New Relic error rate.

So we’d like to ensure our error rate ignores this kind of error. But we haven’t found a way to do this.

The Go agent allows you to configure which HTTP codes you ignore. But for our case, HTTP code isn’t helpful: errors we want to ignore and errors we want to observe both have the same codes.

The New Relic Web UI allows you to “hide” errors, but that appears not to affect the error rate charts/calculations – only the list of top errors occurring in a given time period.

Some language agents (like Java, I think?) allow you to do Server-Side Agent Configuration in the New Relic Web UI that can get a little more sophisticated with error-ignoring. But Go isn’t one of those agents.

Am I missing anything?

How to ignore certain errors in app error-rate calculations

Our application is encountering a high rate of errors that we consider irrelevant (they’re caused by a client-side bug in our system).

These irrelevant errors are distinguishable from relevant errors almost exclusively their error message. The HTTP code is no different from legitimate errors, and we care about all the other errors originating from requests against that same URL.

I haven’t been able to find any means of accomplishing this, so far.

The Golang agent can be configured to ignore certain HTTP codes. But as I say, HTTP is not a distinguishing feature of relevancy.

Some agents (Java and PHP?) support sophisticated server-side configuration (via the New Relic Web UI) that might help with this problem, but Golang isn’t one of them.

Also in the New Relic Web UI, errors can be “hidden”. But from what I can tell this doesn’t prevent the “hidden” errors from factoring into error rate calculations – it just removes the corresponding row from the list of errors in the UI of the error rate page. (I say this, because 99% of our errors are “hidden”, but the error-rate chart doesn’t move when toggling those errors “hidden”/“visible”.)

Can anyone advise?


Hi @shealen.clare! I see that your question was posted twice so I consolidated them. This will help us get as streamlined an answer as possible. :blush:

I have sent your question about getting those errors out of sight/mind with our Go Agent experts—hang tight while they review your options!