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How to exempt a single host from alerts



I have a number of infrastructure alerts setup that I want applied to almost all my hosts, and I don’t know how to easily exempt a single host from that list.

For example - I have an alert that goes off when a host doesn’t report for 5 minutes, but I have one EC2 host that is only turned on as needed. I would like other monitoring on this host (Disk Usage, RAM, etc), so I would prefer not to remove the NR client.

I know I can create a group with all the hosts except for this one, but then maintenance of this group becomes difficult (Every time I add a new host, I would have to manually add it to this “all-but-one” group)

Any suggestions or work arounds?


Hi @john.ross interesting question, narrowing down to host is available in infra alerts?
In my case, I had filtered out the host I dont need.

Another important thing to see.

Hope this answers your questions.



Hey @john.ross - My colleague @gjohnson wrote this great level up post on using Infrastructure and it’s API to set up exclusion filtering for Infrastructure Alerts.

Let us know if this helps you:


Fantastic. Looks like at least one of these options will work for me!


Great @john.ross - let us know how you get on with that.