How to filter a workflow to specific policies by policy name?

We have configured some policies using NRQL. When an incident is opened, I can see that the incident payload contains a field named policyName with value some-app-name, and also a field named tag.policyId with value 842993.

Last week I also configured a workflow and I can add a filter for tag.policyId but not for policyName. I can select accumulations.policyName to filter data, and the auto complete for the filter does suggest policy names, but it does not work. The incident described above was opened but no alert was sent through the workflow.


Does your workflow contain other filters or simply watches the specific policy names?

Have you tested your work flow to make sure it works end to end with test data?

And if you want to target specific policies, would you consider using the policy IDs as a solution? That is how I configure some workloads, and I can confirm it works.

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Hey, thanks for the response. The root cause was that the Slack destination did not work, its token was revoked. This happened around the same time I changed the workflow’s filter, so that made me think the filter was the problem. After re-authorising the Slack destination we started getting alerts in Slack, so the filters work correctly!

We prefer policy names, as it is more descriptive when looking at a workflow’s filter.

Thanks again!

Hi @it.hq_core

Thanks for reaching back out with the details here. I am your reply will be a great advantage to other customers facing a similar issue.

Wishing you a great day.