How to find active users and active sessions in Newrelic APM for Tomcat?

How to find active users and active sessions in Newrelic APM for Tomcat ?

APM is agnostic of end-user activity is its purpose is aimed at performance trends of the application and data is by default aggregated.
Our Browser Monitoring is more appropriate to gathering data on end user activity.
Depending on what you’re seeking, it might be possible to bring together some information from APM and Browser in Insights for analysis.

Hi, I want to identify if at any point in a day, total number of users exceeded, let us say, 25. How may I do that? Total concurrent users should not exceed 25.
I have installed APM and Browser. My application is single server page application built in React js and node js.

@ankit.mehra are you wanting to identify the number of concurrent users with sessions in Tomcat or logged into New Relic?

Hey @ankit.mehra Just checking in to see if this is still a requirement for you? And, if so, could you add clarification as Jeanie mentioned?

We want to identify no of concurrent users logged into New Relic.

Currently we are using below query and set up an alert policy.

“SELECT uniqueCount(UserName) FROM Transaction SINCE 1 hour ago TIMESERIES 1 minutes”

We want to generate a monthly report to share with client but the above query only works for 5 hour of data due to limitation with 366 buckets.

If you can recommend a way to generate a monthly report for concurrent users (each minute) that would be great.


It’s not possible to increase that 366 bucket limitation. You may have some success with a Rate query instead though.

Here’s a sample looking at some demo data…

SELECT rate(uniqueCount(Username), 1 minute) FROM Transaction SINCE 1 MONTH ago TIMESERIES MAX 

And here’s some docs on that:

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