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How to find out 403 , 405 , 500 errors in new relic


How to find out 403 , 405 , 500 errors in new relic , there is no much detail into it . Also wanted to know how to capture the complete error along with which line the issue is being caused . Its so confusing when you dont get much information .Please find the screen shot I’ve attached .Can anyone help me how to capture complete details of error . Im using .Net application platform .


Hi There,

Theres a bit of a long winded answer and solution, hold on tight while I try to explain it

When an HTTP 500 (or other specific error) status code is returned, it means that code somewhere within the application server detected an error condition and explicitly set the 500 code. If the error condition was detected by program logic, there was no exception object and thus no stack. If there was an exception object at some point in time but it was handled internally by the code that set the 500 on the response, then the exception never became visible to New Relic instrumentation. Again, there is no stack available for the .net Agent to report.

Stack backtraces are included when the reported error is the result of an exception that was not caught within the application server and propagated through a New Relic instrumentation point.

How can you fix this, simples

NewRelic.Api.Agent.NewRelic.NoticeError(exception $exception[, IDictionary $attributes])
NewRelic.Api.Agent.NewRelic.NoticeError(string $error_message, IDictionary $attributes)

I hope this gets you on the road again