How to generate alert from Insight query

Dear Sir/Madam,
How can we generate Alert from Insight query…e.g. I wont to generate alert from following insight query:

SELECT event.message FROM InfrastructureEvent WHERE event.involvedObject.kind =‘Job’ AND event.message !=‘Job completed’

Hi, @cchokshi: You may create an NRQL alert condition, as documented here:

In order to be used as an alert condition, however, your query must return a single numeric result, such as count() or average(). You then specify a threshold, so that if the result of the query is above or below the threshold, an alert incident is created.

It is not possible to use your query as an alert condition, since it does not return a numeric result.

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Thanks I will update my query.

@cchokshi Let us know how that works out and if you need further help.

Hi @nmcnamara,
That works. Thanks.