How to generate Application Weekly SLA Report?

Hi All,
I need to generate the Application weekly SLA report having both end-user and application server. I can get the application server output but didn’t get the end-user SLA report having Satisfied, Toleration, Frustrated. how to generate the end-user SLA report with Satisfied, Toleration, Frustrated values.

Is there any way to merge both the queries and return the values in a single query? If there is a way please let me know with an example.

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Hi @azurenewrelic - That is an interesting use case for Browser SLA which I don’t think is possible. Having the Apdex attribute recording Satisfied, Tolerated and Frustrated on the PageView would make a great feature request.

Hey there @azurenewrelic -

This may be useful to you:

You would be querying both PageView and Transaction data so they could use a Multi-query widget to see both maybe or make use of building an “SLA report dashboard” to view.

Separately, and this is just a suggestion: in the frontend, we also suggest viewing the Core Web Vitals as key data to measure your end users’ experiences.