How to get a report on percentage on desktop, mobile, tablet etc for a website?

The nearest we can find is under “browser” there is a monitor report called “browsers” which unfortunately only shows ppm for each browser.

We can manually put each of these into an excel spreadsheet, mark the ones we could class as not desktop, then work out the percentages based on the total ppm, but We are sure this must exist somewhere already (e.g. as a pie chart)

Hi, @nutmix: What if you create a dashboard based on a query like this:

SELECT count(*) 
FROM PageView 
WHERE appName = 'Your Application' 
FACET deviceType 
SINCE 1 day ago 

Bazarely, this does not work for our main website - get no chart data available, although we have 5000 concurrent users on the site. If I do the same thing with. one of our small or test sites, it works. I treble checked the appname. So query works for some sites, but not others.

Hey @nutmix I’m looking at your account right now to see if this works the way we would expect. Can you let me know the App ID for the particular app you see this not working on?

The highest throughput app on the account appears to have an ID of 170600295

So the query would be:

SELECT count(*) 
FROM PageView WHERE appId = 170600295
FACET deviceType
SINCE 1 day ago

Which is working just fine for me in your account.

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ok, found the issue, there is a tab character “\t” in the app name.


So glad that you got this solved @nutmix. Many thanks to @pweber and @RyanVeitch!