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How to get details about average time for items inside DOM processing and page rendering


I am investigating slow page load issue for some pages. It turns out that most of the time during page load is spent on page rendering and then second biggest consumer is DOM processing. I want to get some details for page rendering and DOM processing. For example, if we have a products page, I want to know which piece of js code consumes average how long. Is it possible to get these average numbers through NRQL for specific pages?

Sample NRQL query I used: SELECT average(duration), average(webAppDuration), average(networkDuration), average(domProcessingDuration), average(pageRenderingDuration) FROM PageView FACET pageUrl where appName=‘Tile WWW Web Server Production’ since 1 week ago limit 100

I want to get more details for domProcessingDuration and pageRenderingDuration.


Hi, @robert.cui1: You may use session traces to see what is consuming time during the various phases of page loading. Unfortunately, New Relic Browser does not profile JavaScript execution time; you may want to use Google Chrome dev tools to measure JS performance on your local machine.