How to get error rate by endpoint

Is there a way to get the https status code per endpoint for an application?

Hi, @abdullah: Are the endpoints part of your application (in other words, transaction names)? Or are they endpoints external to your application?

Hi @philweber ! I’d be interested in endpoints external to our application. I think I already have transactionNames and the httpstatuscodes in a query I’ve built already for the application.

It was interesting since I’ve done some exploring for our app in the Data Explorer, and for the Transaction event type, I did see Endpoint dimension option, but for our application, there is not data showing when I select that in the Data Explorer. Is there something we need to configure with the APM, or is it the behavior of the app itself that would show nothing there, or is Endpoint relatively new, or other? Or perhaps that is not the right place to even look. I also looked at the SyntheticCheck event type and wasn’t noticing something either.

If you enable distributed tracing, you should be able to see the response.statusCode on the Span event for each external request.

Without distributed tracing, New Relic does not record information about individual external requests. If you wish, you may add this information yourself as custom events.

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Endpoint is not a standard attribute of the Transaction event. Could it be a custom attribute that is being recorded by one of your applications?

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ah very interesting, I’ll have to find out more. I don’t have APM visibility in our account but plan to play around in my own person account with an app I have an APM for. Appreciate it!