How to get partial match using NRQL?

I have the following query: SELECT count(*) FROM Log WHERE container_name=‘gmonstar-gateway’

which retrieves all logs from the container. I’d like to retrieve all messages containing the substring “ERROR - Call Failed”. It will never be an exact match, hence I’d like to make it a partial match. How can I add this to the query?

Then I’d like to export all those logs. How could I do this?

WHERE container_name = 'gmonstar-gateway'
  AND message LIKE '%ERROR - Call Failed%'

Thanks very much for your response! How can I increase the timeframe of the query. For instance, how can I view those results from the past 30 days?

EDIT I just added SINCE 30 DAYS AGO.

Thanks again!

When I run this, I only get 100 logs. Is there a way to increase the cap to say 500 logs?

Try adding LIMIT 500

You can view the NRQL language reference here: NRQL syntax, clauses, and functions | New Relic Documentation.