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How to get Pre process data name in Newrelic insight dashboard


The picture below describes the CPU % with the name of process. I want the similar data in NEWRELIC insights but I am not able to get the desired result. I want the name of the process also in the dashboard, but I am getting the entityAndPid no, I guess.

Data I want.

Data I get in Dashboard.

I am applying the following query.

SELECT average(cpuPercent) FROM ProcessSample TIMESERIES FACET entityAndPid WHERE (entityAndPid in (‘1351440397795535333/508’, ‘1351440397795535333/1464’, ‘485225127846340700/508’, ‘1351440397795535333/4705’, ‘1351440397795535333/26732’)) LIMIT 100 SINCE 60 minutes ago


Hi @hameedullah, if you facet by processDisplayName as well you should get the same results as in the Infra dashboard:

FACET processDisplayName,`entityAndPid` WHERE ...