How to get REST API Response TIme in Mobile App

I need to know is this possible to get REST API response time in Ionic App. Mobile app is developed using Ionic framework and New Relic SDK( iOS agent v7.0.0) is configured using Xcode Manual Installation (iOS manual installation | New Relic Documentation)

  1. Download and unzip the [iOS SDK for New Relic]

  2. To add the New Relic framework to your Xcode project: Use Finder to drag the NewRelicAgent.framework folder into your Xcode project, and drop it onto your project in the Project navigator window, under Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content. Make sure Embed & Sign is selected under the Embed dropdown menu.

  3. Implement the agent using Objective-C
    3. 1 Import the New Relic header at the top of AppDelegate.m
    3.2 Add [NRLogger setLogLevels:NRLogLevelALL]; to the top of -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: in AppDelegate.m
    3.3 Add [NewRelic startWithApplicationToken:@"<appToken>"] to the top of -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: in AppDelegate.m

  4. Add a build script to target’s Build Phases.

Everything works as expected but REST API response time is not listed anywhere. It was supposed to be under HTTP Request but its not listed there. I am not sure what wrong i am doing. Please help me.

@zach21 Thank you for providing this information! After reviewing our support team determined that this was best suited for the “Build on New Relic” category since it out of scope for what they can assist with. Hoping you get some assistance from fellow community members :slight_smile: