How to get SLA report excluding server maintenance time?

Recently we had a server maintenance time so we shut down the server. while generating the sla report using NRQL Query we go the uptime less than 100%. so we need to exclude the server maintenance time and return the SLA Report.
the query I have used is
SELECT average(duration) as ‘Duration’, percentage(count(), WHERE result=‘SUCCESS’) as ‘Uptime’, apdex(duration,t:7000) as ‘Apdex’,percentage(count(), WHERE duration<=7000) AS ‘% Satisfied’,percentage(count(), WHERE 7<duration and duration <=47000 ) AS ‘% Toleration’,percentage(count(), WHERE 47000<duration) AS ‘% Frustrated’ FROM SyntheticCheck FACET dateOf(timestamp) WHERE timestamp not in (‘20:00’,’ 23:00’) SINCE 2 weeks ago

while running the query the uptime in sla report is less than 100%.
is the query need to be modified or is there any other query to write?
if there is suggestions please help me with that.

Hi, @azurenewrelic: You may find this topic helpful:

In the future, you may use the monitor downtimes feature to tell Synthetics not to execute your monitors during maintenance periods.