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How to get total transaction by host/month?


Hello Community,

We got this query:

“SELECT (count(*)/3600) FROM Transaction WHERE host IN (‘namehos1’, ‘namehost2’, ‘namehost3’) FACET host SINCE last month TIMESERIES 1 day”

but the query don’t show the total data, is there another query to show the complete data transacction by host?

hope your comments, regards!


Hi @aguilarja - It could be due to you dividing the count result.


Hello @aguilarja,

Thank you for reaching out. Did you happen to see @stefan_garnham reply?

In addition to what Stefan stated, perhaps this NRQL would meet your use case:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE host IN (‘namehos1’, ‘namehost2’, ‘namehost3’) FACET host, monthOf(timestamp) SINCE last month



Hello Stefan / Sbetea,

Thanks for the repley.

And how can I show the graph of the days of the month?



Hi @aguilarja - You can use the Cohort Analysis functions to show data by various time spans.


Hello stefa,

how to show with TIMESERIES, this query “SELECT (count(*)/3600) FROM Transaction WHERE host IN (‘namehos1’, ‘namehost2’, ‘namehost3’) FACET host SINCE last month TIMESERIES 1 day” Only show me from today to 26NOV but not show the last month completly. look the image below, no show November completly:




@aguilarja - your account has an Insights Free subscription, which comes with 8 days retention by default.

You will not be able to query a full month while you are limited to that 8 day retention period. That is detailed here:

Let me know if you’d like some help to connect with your account rep to look at more retention options. :slight_smile:


thanks for your reply you right my account is on Insights Free type :frowning: