How to get weekly performance report for applications running in sub accounts?

We are receiving weekly performance report for applications tagged to Main account.We need to receive report for applications running on sub accounts as well.
How to achieve this?
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Hi Jagadeesh!

Thanks for writing in! You have a few options for getting weekly reports from your various accounts.

The first thing to note is that each account will need to meet the following criteria before a weekly performance report will be generated:

  • The app must have at least 25 requests per minute (rpm) throughput.
  • The app must include web transactions.

Once your account has met this criteria, you can access a weekly report by the following options:

  1. You can Opt In to getting the emails for each account by selecting the specific accounts in your User Preferences. Our documentation gives step by step instructions here: Weekly Performance Report
  2. You can use the queries outlined in this post to recreate the SLA report. This way would allow you to generate a dashboard to navigate to.
  3. You can also use our API to get the data out.

A workaround that may work for applications that don’t meet the criteria to generate a weekly report is that you can go to User Preferences, and select “See a Sample Email”. You can then bookmark that sample as a living report for that specific account.

Hope this helps!


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Our users want weekly performance report for ALL applications even if they are not meeting the criteria mentioned above. How can we get the weekly report for ALL applications

Hi @Nitin.Mahajan

I hope you are well.

Great question, in order for these reports to be generated and received the criteria needs to be met. If its not the reports are not expected to generate or send.

As a potential work around you may be able to generate SLA reports by API as per our documentation: API examples for SLA reports which can be very useful.

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or updates you may have.