How to get when was the last time my web site was down

Hi, good morning.

I would like to know how to get information regarding my web site availability using NRQL.

I’m trying to get when was the last time my web site was down or when a Ping Status Code was FAIL, 404 or whatever

I’m not sure if I can use SyntheticCheck or SyntheticRequest for get this information.

Could anyone help me?

Thank you and best regards.

Hi searching the forum I found this Other post.

Could use it for ask my question?

Hi @ricardo_gala,

Assuming you have a synthetic check already checking your site’s availability, you can query the failing results using the following NRQL:

SELECT dateOf(timestamp) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE result = 'FAILED' SINCE 1 week ago

This will list the dates of all failures in the past week, and can be refined by check, location, etc.

If my assumption is wrong, and you don’t yet have a synthetics check, you can set one up pretty easily. Here are some docs!

Hope this is helpful!



your answer was very useful for me.

Thank you and best regards.