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How to Handle Inspected Events Quota?



How can we best handle the Inspected Events Quota?

We currently have 20B+ events in our account via APM and have been running into the Inspected Events Rate Limit ( )

Is there :

  • Any way to see how much of the available 7.2T inspections we have left? We’d like to understand our usage better and possibly alert when we’re running too close to the limit.
  • Any set of recommendations around NRQL queries to reduce inspection count? I’ve tested a bit but using filters like WHERE doesn’t seem to have an impact. The only thing I’ve seen reduce the inspection amount is reducing the time window of the query (SINCE and UNTIL)
  • Any documentation around what this impacts? The link above notes that NRQL doesn’t work once we’ve hit the ceiling - does that mean NRQL based alerts are also down until the rolling window resets?



Hi @mike.cox, one of our support team members will respond to help with your technical questions. I have also reached out to your account team so they can address your question around usage. Thanks :slight_smile: