How to hide the time stamp from the application (top right)

I am working on the development of New Relic Application. Everything is working fine for me but I am unable to get rid of the default timestamp. I couldn’t find any documentation on this.


I tried to hide it in the styles.scss files by writing following code but it seems I can’t update the values for these classes

.nr-css-DateTimeRangePicker, .nr-css-Popover, .nr-css-Toggler {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

These are the 3 classes I can see when I inspect element for the timestamp box.

Is there any setting or CSS snippet I can use to hide it? Thanks very much.

Hello, @rajat.agrawal1: I don’t think you can hide the time picker. It is part of New Relic One itself, not part of your application.

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Ohh that’s a shame. Sometimes you just don’t need it and it could be misleading. Thanks for your response @philweber.

You can hide the header.
header: false,

Hey, thanks for the response. Your response helped me solve the issue but it is not the exact answer. When setting header: false it removes the whole header which has app name and app details along with time picker which I don’t want. So just to remove the time picker I updated the code like below:

          timePicker: false

Thanks very much @flara