How to increase time limit for Ping/Simple Browser monitor

I have some URLs under Ping monitor, some of them are working fine & giving results within 30s. For other URLs I can see time out error.


NetworkError: Connect to XXXXXXXXXX failed: connect timed out

How to increase time limit for Ping & Simple Browser?

Hi, @nagendrakunduri: I do not think it is possible to change the time limit for Ping or Simple Browser monitors. You will have to use a Scripted Browser monitor.

Hello Phil,

It is mentioned that time out for Ping monitors is 60s but my URL is getting time out error with 30s.


Hi @nagendrakunduri, so there are actually 2x timeouts here, the 2nd is the TCP Timeout which happens when HTTP requests during the check exceed the non-configurable 30 second TCP connection timeout limit which is what you are seeing here.

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